Los Angeles Board of Public Works Votes to Establish Zero Food Waste Task Force

The Los Angeles Board of Public Works votes to establish a zero food waste task force

The Los Angeles Board of Public Works votes to establish a zero food waste task forceThe Los Angeles Board of Public Works approved a motion today to establish a Zero Food Waste Task Force. The Board will collaborate with various City agencies to explore and promote opportunities in Los Angeles to reduce food waste, increase the amount of recyclable resources and create clean, renewable energy.

This new Zero Food Waste Task Force will work in conjunction with the newly established Zero Waste LA franchise program that is being implemented in Los Angeles with contract partners. The new franchise system will greatly augment the current recycling infrastructure available in Los Angeles, and will create new accessibility opportunities for residents and businesses alike to recycle.

The Task Force will be comprised of experts from the Bureau of Sanitation, Offices of the Mayor and City Council Members, Homeless Services, and community based organization leaders already working in food recovery, composting, and other food recycling programs. These partners will be a key component to help the City rescue edible food in the City, and dramatically expand on composting opportunities for individual residents and local communities.

“As we work to make Los Angeles a more resilient and sustainable City, we must take advantage of every opportunity to maximize the way we use our resources,” said Commissioner Heather Marie Repenning, Vice President of the Board.  “This is the next frontier in recycling, both here and across the nation.  Food is a recyclable resource that should not and need not be wasted.”

Food waste represents approximately 18% of materials currently being transported to landfills from Los Angeles. An estimated 16% of residents within Los Angeles County are food insecure. Hundreds of non-profit organizations glean, collect, accept, and serve edible food to food insecure families throughout the region.    The Task Force will bring these local groups to work with the City on programs that will benefit both efforts.