Los Angeles Joins Pacific Coast Collaborative to Combat Food Waste and Relieve Hunger

mixed fresh vegetables

The City of Los Angeles, led by LA Sanitation and Environment, joins the Pacific Coast Collaborative (PCC), which has announced plans to lead a US-based public-private partnership - one of the largest in the world - to address wasted food. Together with ReFEDWorld Wildlife Fund (WWF) and WRAP, the PCC is calling on food retailers and their supply chain partners and food manufacturers to join the West Coast Voluntary Agreement to Reduce Wasted Food. The PCC’s goal is to reduce and prevent wasted food in the region by 50% by 2030, which will have benefits including reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water and land resources, and supporting those facing food insecurity – which has become increasingly critical in the wake of COVID-19, as the amount of food at risk of being wasted has risen and more Americans are seeking food assistance. 

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