Lunch and Learn continues with a look at data tools

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In last week’s Lunch and Learn we started with a few polls to get feedback on future session topics. The poll options were based on the questions posted by participants in the first two Lunch and Learn sessions. Future Lunch and Learn sessions will cover the topics identified by our attendees and/or updates on key initiatives, including tree preservation, maintenance, and planting, native species, and ensuring ongoing funding for these activities.

The session covered a few tools that are currently available and are frequently used by local urban foresters in building projects (and have been referenced previously on this blog):

Cal EnviroScreen 3.0 is a tool managed by the State of California that “is used to help identify communities disproportionately burdened by multiple sources of pollution and with population characteristics that make them more sensitive to pollution.” Many of our tree planting grants must show that they are serving “Disadvantaged Communities” through the CalEnviroscreen tool, as certain amounts of the funding from California’s  Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund (GGRF) - which uses proceeds from the Cap and Trade program -must  be invested in these communities.

A recent TreePeople webinar provided an overview of the tools that allow the public to explore the Tree Canopy LiDAR data. You can watch the Webinar here to learn more about how to access this LIDAR data: 

Or you can just access the Basic Viewer:

Or Advanced Viewer:

We then walked through the City’s tree inventory software, Treekeeper 8, with a particular focus on how to use the search tool to pull up information on vacant street tree locations by searching  “Vacant Site: Vacant Site” under “Species” and how to find completed tree inventory reports by Neighborhood Council on the StreetsLA website.

StreetsLA Inventory Reports by Neighborhood Council

Lunch and Learn will be taking a break in November and resuming in December on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays. The next session will be December 9th at 12:30. See you then!