Women Build LA Spotlights Fazila Pereira

Posted on 12/17/2020
Women Build LA post with Faizila Pereira Construction Inspector with Bureau of Contract Administration

Meet Fazila. Fazila began her career as an Assistant Inspector with the Bureau of Contract Administration and quickly promoted to her current position of three years as a Construction Inspector. She graduated from the University of California, Irvine with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Structural Engineering. Before joining the City of Los Angeles, she worked with the County of Los Angeles’ Department of Public Works as an Engineering Assistant.

In 2016, when Fazila joined the Bureau of Contract Administration she had the opportunity to train by rotating to different divisions every couple of months and gain a wide range of experience learning about sewers, storm drains, police buildings, street lighting, traffic signals and street reconstruction. As a Construction Inspector, she has served as lead inspector on a variety of projects in the Metro East District including street reconstructions, bulkheads, median islands, slope remedial mitigation, skate parks and homeless shelters. Currently, Fazila is sharing her wealth of knowledge by working on loan with the Port of LA on the high-profile Wilmington Waterfront Promenade project. 

Fazila takes great pride in building projects that improve the community as a whole. She is focused on gaining experience in all aspects of inspection and management to be able to provide great support to the City of Los Angeles.