Women Build LA Spotlights Micheline Newton

Posted on 08/26/2021
Women Build LA post

Meet Micheline. Micheline has served the City of Los Angeles for three years and is currently a Construction Inspector assigned to the Bureau of Contract Administration’s Wastewater Construction Division. She began her career in the construction industry as a special inspector and deputy inspector in reinforced concrete and structural masonry construction. She has grown up on various job sites as her family has always been in the construction industry. Micheline still lives in her family home in Los Angeles that was purchased by her parents in 1971.

Since 2007, Micheline has worked on several major projects including The Source Mega Center in Buena Park, Huntington Library in Pasadena, and several towers in Downtown Los Angeles. In 2018, Micheline joined BCA and was assigned lead inspector for the $7.5 million Intermediate Pumping Station Odor Control Facility Improvements Project. Within a year, she was quickly given the $22 million Secondary Clarifiers Upgrade Project.

Her years of construction experience add valuable knowledge and expertise to all aspects of the projects she manages. She maintains nine deputy licenses and the Cal OSHA Trainer Certification. Micheline works well with contractors, her team and everyone she encounters. She takes pride in her work and truly loves being a part of the City family.