Women Build LA Spotlights Michelle Ruiz

women build LA spotlights michelle ruiz

Meet Michelle. Michelle is a Project Analyst within the Bureau of Contract Administration’s (BCA) Office of Contract Compliance. She began her career with the City of Los Angeles three years ago and joined BCA as a Management Assistant in 2019.

Michelle’s responsibilities include ensuring that construction contractors on City-funded projects follow the requirements set forth by the California Labor Code and Department of Public Works Project Labor Agreement, enforcing the State’s Department of Industrial Relations prevailing wage requirements for employees on these construction projects, and monitoring each project for the proper use of construction apprentices. Depending on the project, her duties also include monitoring and enforcing targeted hiring policies for local hire, local apprentice and transitional worker utilization mandates.

As a Project Analyst, Michelle currently oversees 11 Proposition HHH-funded construction projects under the Proposition HHH Project Labor Agreement (HHH-PLA). Through the HHH-PLA, the City is reinvesting in its local communities by ensuring the employment of local workers and apprentices on the construction projects resulting from the 1.2 billion dollars in bonds to build permanent supportive housing for the homeless. Her work on these construction projects has produced more than 1,150 local jobs (over 40% of the projects’ collective hours), including 255 local apprentices (over 60% of the projects’ collective apprentice hours). These jobs and career opportunities have resulted in an approximate $10 million in wages reinvested back into the City’s communities.   

Michelle is a proud native Angeleno who is grateful for the opportunity to serve the City. Through her administration and compliance work, she is truly helping to enrich the lives of so many who live and work in Los Angeles.