Office of Community Beautification

Image of the Community Beautification LogoThe City of Los Angeles Board of Public Works Office of Community Beautification (OCB) seeks to create a clean and beautiful Los Angeles by forming partnerships with volunteers, residents, community based organizations, and non-profit agencies, focusing on volunteerism and beautification efforts.

OCB serves as a resource for community improvement programs throughout Los Angeles. OCB programs are designed to empower neighborhoods and community groups. By utilizing OCB services, participants improve their environment while building partnerships with the City of Los Angeles.

Visit our Community Projects website to learn how to organize a beautification event in your community.

Programs & Contacts

OCB Liaisons

OCB liaisons can provide counsel on what resources and support the Office of Community Beautification can offer your project. Each liaison serves particular Council Districts. Search Council Districts by address.

Keep Los Angeles Beautiful

Keep Los Angeles BeautifulKeep Los Angeles Beautiful, established in 2007, is a citywide volunteer-based community improvement and education campaign affiliated with Keep America Beautiful to engages residents, businesses and local government in programs that prevent litter and promote the reduction of waste through reuse and recycling, and beautification projects. Through public-private partnerships and strategic alliances, Keep Los Angeles Beautiful mobilizes thousands of volunteers to clean up, beautify and improve their neighborhoods, upholding quality of life and protecting community environments in the City of Los Angeles.

Rain Barrel Program

Keep L.A. Beautiful encourages Los Angeles residents to install rain barrels as an effort to increase water conservation in the region. Check out available water conservation rebates through the LADWP website.

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Community Comments

Do you have comments regarding Office of Community Beautification programs or services including Graffiti Abatement, Community Beautification Grants, Volunteer Clean-up support, etc. Please submit your comments here:

We look forward to hearing from you!

See below for recent comments received from residents of Los Angeles.


  • I am writing to thank you for the fine & expedient service specific to the above graffiti removal request.

    This is in fact, the third or forth time in which I have utilized this particular vendor(s) and each & every time I have generated a removal request, the graffiti is removed in a remarkably timely manner. Additionally, the removal work has never been sloppy or incomplete. They simply do a great job with a very stubborn problem and I wanted to take a moment to express my appreciation.


  • Thank you so much for the prompt removal of the graffiti on our street. I couldn't believe my eyes when I got home last night and saw that it had been taken care of!!! Awesome job!


  • Dear Sirs,

    Please accept our thanks for the very prompt and efficient response to our report of graffiti on our building…….the contractor did an excellent job and we are very happy with the result. Hopefully we won't have to contact you again….but if the problem returns we will be in touch.

    Thanks again!


  • The workers did an excellent job of the graffiti removal for us and we are deeply appreciative of their wonderful work and kindness shown to us. Thank you for the prompt removal of the graffiti and for reassuring us that if it appears again, we may contact you again.


  • I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the graffiti was removed. In the current state of economics, I hope the City can continue to provide this service. In the fight against crime, rapid graffiti abatement is more important as rapid police response and a visible police presence.


  • Thank you so much for your quick response. I did noticed yesterday that the graffiti was removed or painted over. Thank you again. It's much appreciated.


  • Thank you for taking care of this so quickly! I'm thankful and impressed.




  • Excellent job! Done within 24 hrs of the call. Exceeding my expections. Thank you!


  • That was fast service!


  • Just wanted to say thank you for such quick service. I am very pleased with it.


  • Hello, Thank you for your prompt response. You are making a great difference in our neighborhood. Please extend our many thanks to the wonderful people who works patiently and really hard to accomodate our requests. You have our sincere thanks.

    Warm regards, Grateful Residents and Neighbors of 91606


  • Thank you so much for removing the graffiti from our driveway. I can't tell you how much it meant to my husband and I that this was done by the city. 

    Thank you!


  • I just wanted to extend my thanks for the great service you provided and I am delighted at the quick response and attention placed to my concern. As a new home owner in the Los Angeles Area, I am pleased and grateful. Thanks.


  • I just wanted to say thank you and how much I appreciate your efforts for taking care of this graffiti request on a timely basis. I apologize for asking over and over again, but it is apparent that these taggers love this wall because it directly faces Chatsworth Street where motorists will see it as they go by coming into through my nice and quiet neighborhood. I wish the police would catch them in act! Happy Holidays.

  • I think this is a great program, and am amazed at how easy it is to get graffiti removed. Thank you very much, I hope this program never goes away. Without you the city would be much uglier!


  • Dear All who dedicated for the Community Beautification program,

    I am humbled by the prompt support from All Who Dedicated for the Community Beautification Program.

    At this moment your contractor is working on removing the graffiti on side walks with truck loaded equipment.

    My neighbors will do our best to maintain litter/graffiti free and safe/peaceful exemplary neighbor to our neighbor - Alexandria Elementary School children. And I am hoping that the newly moved in neighbor who has association with gangs will respect our effort and be part of our neighbor.

    Thank you very much to you All Who Dedicated for the Community Beautification Program.


  • I love this service! Whenever I call the graffiti is immediately removed. Sometimes it comes back quickly and sometimes not, but the crews are always there to respond to our neighborhood requests. Thank you to Mayor Villaraigosa and Councilmember Huizar for offering these important services to the residents. It is a pleasure to see something in the City work as it is supposed to.


  • I made a request for graffiti removal 2 days ago and was amazed at how fast my request was filled. Thank you very much for restoring our neighborhood.


  • Hi Folks:

    This is to let you know that your contractors completed the job quickly and without any damage to the old wood fence at Penfield Avenue.

    Thanks so much!


  • Thank you so much for this service... I can't tell you how much it means to me and our community... great job!


  • Dear Office of Community Beautification,

    Thank you so much for promptly removing the graffiti from our neighborhood . Everybody on the hill applaudes you. If only other areas of life worked this seamlessly.


  • Dear City Officials:

    I'm a resident of Wilmington and I would like to expressed my appreciation to the graffiti removal team for their promptness and efficiency. I had summit a request via-email on Thursday and by the next day your contractor had promptly removed the graffiti in front of my house. Also, I would like to encourage city officials to let the public knowabout this service and that it can be request online also.

    Thank you,


  • Thank you so much for the timely service on my request for graffiti removal.

    I was pleased with the expeditious response and the removal.


  • LA City and Schools should be proud to help Ocean Charter School. We just wished to say that especially the new gardens help Ocean Charter School in the back parking lots is looking fantastic-the Campus is so much more friendly for the kids with new garden supportand a few trees planted.We hope to have further help for the kidsneed plants and shade and we who live by prefer a lovely garden notcement jungle.


  • Dear OCB,

    I have recently utilized the 311 on-line system for graffiti removal and found the services to be excellent! The web-based reporting system is easy to use and very efficient. I was assigned a reference number for each report and then received a personal e-mail when the work is completed. Thank you for a wonderful service to the residents of Los Angeles!

    Secondly, the OCB grant program for beautification projects in our city is a wonderful opportunity for our schools, neighborhoods and local collaboratives to work together for a special projects that would not have been possible without your funding. Through your grant program, I learned how to use a digital camera and used the pictures for our recent application. 

    Thank you, OCB!


  • We've been so impressed by all the lovely LACB funded projects that we've noticed around town. What a great opportunity you've given to so many organizations around the city to improve their communities. Keep up the good work!


  • Thank you for acting so quickly to this constant graffiti problem we have in front of Temple Judea.


  • Please tell everyone there that we truly appreciate their work and that our neighborhood looks amazing because of their continued effort.


  • To the Head in Charge of Graffiti removal,

    I could not thank you enough for taking care of the problem on such a short notice. Quick response is very, very much appreciated. I am now looking forward to come home everyday and not see the dirty graffiti all over my retainer walls.

    I Salute to The City of Los Angeles


  • Thank you for removing the graffiti on my property. I know my neighbors also appreciate it. What great service!


  • I had e-mailed my request for graffiti removal on Saturday afternoon, 9/13/08 , and I was very surprised that the contractor was there Sunday morning to do the job. I have to compliment him for being so prompt and diligent in his work. Not only did he cover the recent graffiti, but also he proceeded to paint the other areas of the retaining wall that were painted over a few years ago. In doing so, he made it uniform and more pleasing to the eye.

    Furthermore, I do not know if this was on his assignment list, but he stopped to cover the graffiti that was on the northeast corner of the El Sereno Senior Citizens Center on 4818 Klamath Place.

    Please extend my compliment to this young man. 


  • You are amazing! Thank you so much for your quick response and good job removing the graffiti at Morella Avenue yesterday! Awesome!!!


  • It was great. I put in the request, they came the next day. And it makes me feel safer when I look out my window at that clean wall.


  • The graffiti I reported has been removed. Thank you for the prompt service.


  • I felt truly empowered as a citizen of Los Angeles when your team painted over some new grafitti on my block only two days after I reported it. The paint job was very professional, I am so satisfied. Thank you!


  • Thank you for such quick action!! They did a great job! We are very happy. We wish all the service in the City could be this good. We wish we could give a cash tip to the workers.